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BOOKSLAM 2020-21
Bookslam 2020-21



Introducing BookSlam

What better way to inspire a budding scientist, author, politician or teacher than introducing them to the wonderful world of words, books and reading?

And we’re not the only ones to think so:

"The more you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go." Dr Seuss.

If only there was a reading competition in Wales which allowed pupils to read an array of books published in their own country, discuss them and present them in their own unique voices.

Well, guess what? There is, and it’s called BookSlam.

BookSlam is the revamped reading competition from the Welsh Book Council for primary schools across Wales. Together with its Welsh-language counterpart (Darllen Dros Gymru) BookSlam is Wales’ biggest reading competition.

Our aim is to go bigger and better by encouraging more schools throughout Wales to participate.

We believe that BookSlam promises to:

  • encourage children’s interest in the wonderful world of books
  • strengthen literacy skills – an essential element in every child’s personal growth
  • develop interpretation, discussion and presentation skills
  • fit in with the National Literacy Framework
  • foster long-term positive attitudes towards reading which will last a lifetime

Feedback received from past participants clearly shows that the children love to take part in the competition which strengthens their reading and interpretation skills as well as introducing them to the thrill of reading a good book.

Best of all, BookSlam:

  • is free to schools – all we ask for is buckets of enthusiasm
  • is open to Years 3–6
  • offers a wide selection of books on the reading list to engage a cross-section of pupils
  • gives a free book to every child who reaches the final rounds – who doesn’t love a freebie?
  • offers cash prizes to the winning schools – now there’s an incentive!

Darllen Dros Gymru, our welsh competition for all primary schools in Wales, is available on our Welsh side of the website.