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What is the Books Council of Wales?

A key enabling institution for the publishing industry in Wales and the promotion of books and reading.

What is the Books Council of Wales?

The Books Council of Wales is a national body, funded by the Welsh Government, which provides a focus for the publishing industry in Wales. It provides a number of specialist services (in the fields of editing, design, marketing and distribution) with a view to improving standards of book production and publication in both Welsh and English. It also distributes grants to publishers. The Books Council actively promotes reading and literacy in Wales.


Much of the Books Council’s work is devoted to providing the publishing trade with basic services. For more information contact the relevant department or click on the address below.


The Books Council of Wales provides publishing grants for literary books and magazines in English. Grants are also available for Welsh-language publications.


Click below to see details of our reading and book promotions and to view our latest catalogues, including details of World Book Day activities.

Contact Us

For further information or advice please contact:

Books Council of Wales
Castell Brychan
SY23 2JB
(01970) 624151


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