A Raid Over Berlin: John Martin's miraculous true-life Second World War survival story becomes an overnight bestseller

29 Nov 2018

A Raid Over Berlin  becomes an overnight bestseller after last night's BBC The One Show Feature and flies to Amazon No 1!

Trapped inside a burning Lancaster bomber, 20,000 feet above Berlin, airman John Martin consigned himself to his fate and turned his thoughts to his fiancée back home. In a miraculous turn of events, however, the twenty-one year old was thrown clear of his disintegrating aeroplane and found himself parachuting into the heart of Nazi Germany. He was soon to be captured and began his period as a prisoner of war.

This is an engaging and compulsively readable true-life account of a Second World War airman, who cheated death in the sky, only to face interrogation and the prospect of being shot by the Gestapo, before having to endure months of hardship as a prisoner of war.

If you missed the 28th November episode of BBC's The One Show you can watch again on iPlayer.

London-born John Martin volunteered for the RAF, as a trainee wireless operator, in 1941, aged eighteen, and was stationed at RAF Cardington in Bedfordshire. John (96) and his wife Adelaide (94) are still happily married and living in Tanygroes, west Wales.


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