The work of the Editing Department is an important element in the range of services which the Books Council offers to publishers in Wales in order to ensure quality across the book sector.

Every year, the Department’s staff deal with around 200 texts, editing typescripts and correcting proofs in collaboration with publishers’ creative editors.

The Department’s aim is not to usurp the work of the publishers’ editors but rather to support it by offering independent professional expertise and a fresh pair of experienced eyes.

Most of the typescripts which pass through the Department are Welsh-language and come from up to 20 different publishers across Wales.

The service is only available to publishers – i.e. the Department doesn’t usually deal directly with authors but does so through the company publishing their work.

As the Department deals with so many typescripts – from children’s books to novels, poetry and non-fiction of all kind – staff will at times use the services of a small team of experienced external editors.

The Department only accepts reading for leisure texts, and does not handle educational material.

Further details about the services offered by the Council’s Editing Department and the responsibilities of the publishers’ editors are listed here.

Contact Details

Senior Editorial Officer – Huw Meirion Edwards: huw.meirionedwards@books.wales

Editorial Officer – Anwen Pierce: anwen.pierce@books.wales