Our Objectives

The Books Council’s mission is to support the publishing industry in Wales and to promote reading for pleasure, and our core aims and core functions reflect this.

Our Constitution sets out clearly the organisation’s objectives of promoting, supporting and developing public appreciation and interest in literature.

  • Encourage and support the book industry in Wales by awarding grants and otherwise.

  • Encourage, promote and assist the production and distribution of books and other recorded literary and artistic material howsoever recorded (whether by known means or by means as yet unknown) in the two official languages of Wales, Welsh and English, or which are of Welsh interest.

  • Organise events to support the promotion of books, reading and the book sector as a whole.

  • Encourage and promote the publication of such books and other material in Wales.

The Constitution underpins our day-to-day work and the core functions that are absolutely essential to ensure that we achieve our goals.

  1. To promote the publishing industry in Wales in all its aspects by providing a range of services and by co-ordinating the interests of authors, publishers, booksellers and libraries.
  2. To distribute grants to assist the publication of quality material in both English and Welsh making the product widely available.
  3. Assist and support authors through the provision of services and the award of grants/ commissions channeled through publishers.
  4. To promote interest in Welsh- and English-language books of interest to Wales, along with other similar material, by providing information and through a full programme of activity.