The Books Council can help teachers and librarians keep their finger on the pulse of the publishing world as well as keep up to date with the latest books and resources which support the national curriculum in Wales.

What service is provided?

Schools Officer

In normal times, our sales officers travel throughout Wales visiting primary and secondary schools to display books and educational materials and collect orders. These exhibitions provide teachers with an excellent opportunity to browse the books as well as receive advice and assistance from experienced officers.

Information about all the books available on the Books Council’s database can also be searched on the web by looking at our site and our officers can offer guidance and advice. Orders are submitted online and processed through a local bookshops of the school ‘s choice, which helps support the local community and economy.

As well as schools, officers also visit libraries and booksellers throughout Wales.
To arrange a visit please contact our Sales Department: 01970 624455 email:

To arrange a school visit, contact our Schools Officer: 07909 233010 email:

Our Department of Children’s Books and Reading Promotion also works with schools and can offer advice on reading lists, author tours and special book events like World Book Day.

For further information and inspiration, take a look at our #LoveReading pages.