Teachers Love Reading

What is Teachers Love Reading?
This project is primarily about nurturing a love of reading amongst teaching professionals, so that they can then inspire their pupils to do the same.

This pilot scheme is open to key stage 2 teachers. As the books on the discussion list are suitable for years 5 and 6, we will give priority to teachers who teach at this age. Initially, this pilot is only open to Welsh-medium schools.


Benefits of the scheme?
The scheme supports the objectives at the heart of Curriculum for Wales. It will also enable and encourage schools to embrace a whole school ethos that places reading for pleasure at its core. As stated in the ‘Languages, Literacy and Communication’ Area of Learning and Experience, ‘…the literary experiences offered aim to spark learners’ imagination and creativity and help to build a lifelong love of literature.’ [1]

We strongly believe that it is important to provide opportunities for teaching professionals to engage, enjoy and explore the benefits of reading for pleasure as individuals. This will develop the teachers’ own empathy skills, ignite their imaginations, and enable them to see a reflection of their own lived experience.


How does it work?
This pilot will establish three regional teacher reading groups, with the primary aim of enabling teachers to further develop their skills and confidence to discuss and enjoy literature – inspiring them to enjoy reading and discussing literature in class.

There will be a requirement for teachers and schools that wish to participate in this project to commit to embedding reading for pleasure within their weekly timetables. For example, they will need to demonstrate that they have implemented regular shared reading sessions of approximately 20-30 minutes on selected texts with pupils.

There will be four reading group sessions in each region during the 2024/25 academic year to discuss the books on the reading list. A facilitator would then lead the sessions and encourage participation from all members. Funding will be provided to cover supply so that the teachers are able to take part in the sessions during normal working hours in the week.

Each school taking part in the reading group will receive a pack of carefully selected books, ranging from fiction and factual books to poetry and graphic novels.




We are looking for 40 schools to take part so hurry to avoid disappointment.


[1] Curriculum for Wales, Area of Learning and Experience: Languages, Literacy and Communication, Welsh Government (2020). https://hwb.gov.wales/curriculum-for-wales/languages-literacy-and-communication/statements-of-what-matters/