Is the Books Council part of Welsh Government?

The Books Council of Wales is a national charity and is not part of the Welsh Government. We receive a proportion of our income from the Welsh Government, tied to an annual grant award letter setting clear targets and objectives. The remainder of the Council’s income comes from commercial activities and project income.

Who runs the Books Council?

As a national charity, the Books Council is accountable to its Trustees who are appointed in accordance with our constitution. Applications to become a trustees are open to all. For further details about the process and our governance structure, please take a look at our Trustees pages

How can I join the Friends of the Books Council?

Anyone can become a member of the Friends by paying the annual subscription fee. There’s more details on our Friends page or you can contact the Secretary of the Friends by emailing castellbrychan@books.wales or phoning 01970 624151.

I have a Freedom of Information request. Is the Books Council obliged to answer?i ateb?

The Books Council is not obliged to answer under the Freedom of Information Act but we will make every effort to answer all reasonable requests for information. We also publish detailed financial information in our annual accounts (see our Corporate Documents page) and the minutes of meetings are published on our website. 

I'm a journalist. Who deals with media queries at the Books Council?

Please contact the Chief Executive’s Secretary by emailing castellbrychan@books.wales or phoning 09170 624151. Any written queries should be sent to Books Council of Wales, Castell Brychan, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion SY23 2JB

I'm working on a project on books and magazines which may be of interest to the Books Council. Whom should I contact?

The Books Council is interested in any project which promotes book and magazine publishing in Wales. To discuss further, please contact our Reading Promotion Department by emailing wbc.children@books.wales

I'm interested in doing a work experience placement at the Books Council. Do you accept applications and who should I contact? ysylltu?

The Books Council considers applications from students over 16 years old and we will try to offer opportunities to as many students as possible. However, there are certain times of the year when this is not possible. Contact our Head of Finance and Governance for more information by emailing mererid.boswell@books.wales.


I'm looking for temporary work. Would it be worth sending you my CV in case you have any suitable vacancies?

Any vacancies will be advertised on our website so keep an eye on our Jobs page as well as our social media channels. If you’re a freelance designer, editor or translator, we may have occasional work opportunities from time to time and you are welcome to send your details to the Head of Finance and Governance by emailing mererid.boswell@books.wales .