Direct funding for self-publishing is not available through the Books Council of Wales but there are other sources of support for developing authors.

Any author wishing to publish their own work is advised to contact a publisher. A list of all publishers in Wales in available on the book trade website:

Literature Wales  is the body responsible for developing professional authors in Wales and they offer a range of support, including scholarships, training courses and mentoring schemes.

Another useful source of information about the different grants and prizes for authors is the  Society of Authors

The Books Council can help self-publishers in terms of distribution, as detailed below.


Shelves of books at the Books Council's Distribution Centre


Books Council of Wales Terms

If you are self-publishing and looking for distribution support, these are the terms of the Books Council of Wales:


    • Terms and conditions for distribution are 55% of the retail price of every copy on a full sale or return basis.
    • Please send a sample copy (and email address) to: Lowri Davies, Books Council of Wales, Glanyrafon Enterprise Park, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion SY23 3AQ.
    • The sample copy will be considered by the Sales & Information Department, and a decision will be made on whether to stock the book or only to list it on our website.
      • If we decide the stock your book, you will be sent two contracts.
      • You must ensure that the ISBN, barcode and price are all printed on the book.
      • If we decide to distribute your book, the Books Council will fulfill all orders placed by the book trade in Wales.
      • An initial stock of 30 books will be required.

If we decide not to stock your book, or if you decide not to accept our terms, we can still list your title on as available from the publisher only. There is no fee for listing. We would need to keep your details on file so that customers can buy directly from you.

Please note that the Books Council of Wales would be operating solely as a distributor, and it would be the responsibility of the author / publisher to promote and market the book.