Amdani – Books for Welsh Learners

‘Amdani’ is a lively series of reading books specifically designed for adults who are learning Welsh. The books have been carefully graded across four different levels – Entry, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.

This series of books was launched to meet a gap in the market by giving adult Welsh learners the chance to enjoy reading a variety of contemporary subjects and themes. 

Scroll down for a summary of the books in the series which are available though your local bookshop, public library or our website. 

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Entry Level

Amdani: Am Ddiwrnod!

This is a humorous romance about one memorable day in the life of Sophia Reynolds, who is on her way to be a film extra, but a number of incidents prevent her from reaching the set. She has to visit the police office several times, but she doesn’t mind, as she fancies the policeman there! 

Amdani: Wynne Evans – O Gaerfyrddin i Go Compare

A biography by Wynne Evans. A very personal and honest history of Wynne and his family, his experiences as a famous tenor, and his efforts to learn Welsh as an adult.

Amdani: Ditectif Elsa B

Elsa Bowen works as a private detective; usually she deals with insurance fraud. But that all changes on this Wednesday morning. Elsa’s attention is drawn to the bookshop in Caernarfon where strange things are happening. The story focuses on Lilith Lewis, a local gangster who causes trouble.

Amdani: Stryd y Bont

Stryd y Bont follows the stories of people living on the same street in a Welsh town. What secrets do they have and do they really know their neighbours? 

Foundation Level

Cyfres Amdani: Y Stryd

One Night. One street. And everyone in every house has a problem. How will Nina tell Dafydd the news? Why does Magi have to rethink her relationship with Xavier? What will Sam do about his big problem? How will Huw’s life change forever? One Friday night will change everything.

Cyfres Amdani: Y Fawr a’r Fach – Straeon o’r Rhondda

A volume of short stories and anecdotes about villages in the Rhondda valley

Cyfres Amdani: Teithio drwy Hanes

Jon Gower takes the reader to 30 different locations connected to Wales’ history. He explains why these places are important to Welsh history and describes their beauty and atmosphere in his own special way.

Intermediate Level

Cyfres Amdani: Y Llythyr

In the small village of Tredafydd in the south Wales valleys, Megan and Huw become lovers. But will their love conquer the circumstances? Death, their families and years apart are all against them.

Cyfres Amdani: Gêm Beryglus

he Brecon Beacons National Park is famous for its natural beauty and for its walking trails. However the place reaches the news for another reason; people are being killed in the area.

Cyfres Amdani: Croesi’r Bont

Short stories with a good pinch of humour, by an author who is a Welsh learner herself. You’ll find adventure, detective and science-fiction stories here.

 Advanced Level

Cyfres Amdani: Cofio Anghofio

The heartfelt story of two sisters who try to come to terms with their mother’s illness, and its effect on their own lives.. A Welsh-language adaptation by Elin Meek o Forget to Remember by Alan Maley.

Cyfres Amdani: Trwy’r Ffenestri

A Welsh-language adaptation by Manon Steffan Ros of Windows of the Mind by Frank Brennan. This collection of diverse short stories will be sure to make you think. Get to know complex characters, remote locations, and stories that will stay in your mind for a long time.

Cyfres Amdani: Cyffesion Saesnes yng Nghymu

Katie has just moved to live in Wales with new husband Dylan. She had hope to live in a large house but things don’t work out as she had anticipated, and she has to live with Dylan’s parents. How will Dylan’s family cope with a clumsy English woman?

It’s important our learners have plenty of opportunities to practise using their Welsh outside the classroom, so they can develop their skills and gain confidence. This new series of entertaining books will be a fantastic resource, especially so as the books reflect the different language patterns taught on our courses

Helen Prosser

Strategic Director, National Centre for Learning Welsh