design & editorial


As part of our work in supporting and developing the publishing industry in Wales, the Books Council offers a range of professional services to publishers including editorial and design. The aim is to support and improve the quality of books produced and published in Wales in both Welsh and English.



The Book Council of Wales’ Design Department offers design services to publishers in Wales.

The department can offer the following design services:

  • Designing book covers
  • Designing complete books, from cover to cover
  • Providing visual material, such as photographs and illustrations, for books

The department is led by a Professional Lead and two experienced Design Officers are also part of the team.

The department also collaborates with freelance designers, illustrators and photographers to support the work of Welsh publishers.

Designers and illustrators who would like to work on books are invited to contact the department.

For more information about how the department can assist you, please contact:

Dafydd Owain
Professional Lead: Design
Phone: 01970 629559




The Editorial Team provides services to publishers in Wales and deals with up to 180 manuscripts annually, in both English and Welsh. It deals primarily with reading for leisure, and educational material of any kind is not accepted.

The Department offers a subsidised editorial service in both English and Welsh—copy-editing of typescripts and correction of proofs. The Department provides these services for some 20 publishers, with the help of a small team of experienced external editors as required. Priority is always given to books that have received Books Council grants.

For more information about how the department can assist you, please contact:

Dr Alaw Mai Edwards
Professional Lead: Editorial
Phone: 01970 629561