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Tir na n-Og Book Awards 2020

Readers are always on the look out for a good book but where’s the best place to go for recommendations? Hearing about books that friends, family or colleagues have enjoyed is always useful and there are lots of websites, blogs and magazines which review both new and old titles. Sôn Am Lyfra, for example, reviews Welsh and English-language books for children and young people. 

Another good indication is a title which has reached the shortlist of one of the many book awards held annually. Since 1976, the Books Council’s Tir na n-Og Awards have been honouring the best books for children and young people. We also support the annual Wales Book of the Year awards organised by Literature Wales. 

You can also look for inspiration by browsing our catalogues of new titles from Wales, find out which books are in demand by booksellers in Wales from our Bestsellers list, and see which books have been chosen for our regular Book of the Month slot.