I want to open a book-shop. How can the Books Council of Wales help me?

Please contact us by emailing sales@books.wales or phoning 01970 624455.

I want to purchase a book and am unable to source it locally. What should I do?

Your local bookshop can order any available title on your behalf from our Distribution Centre. If this is not practicable, go to the Books Council of Wales’ www.gwales.com website which offers a quick and efficient service. We do our best to offer a next working day delivery service for all books in stock.

Is it possible for me to order a book even though the Gwales website says it is Out of Print?

When a publisher informs us that a book is no longer available, and that they have no plans to reprint the title, the status on our Gwales website is changed to ‘Out of Print’. There is no point, therefore, in trying to order these titles. We suggest, in such cases, that you approach your local bookshop in case they still have a copy in stock, borrow a copy from your local library, or search the internet or a second-hand book-shop for a copy.

Can a school buy books online by using gwales.com?

Online purchases can be made, paying the full price as well as the cost of postage. You should contact your local bookshop should you wish to discuss possible discounts, or email our Schools Officer schools@books.wales.

I run a bookshop and would like to take a stand at an external local event or show. Is there any support available?

Our Outreach Scheme aims to help booksellers to have a stall at different events throughout Wales. This scheme is administered by the Council’s Sales and Information Department. For further information, click here. This scheme is not supported from the Publishing Grants fund. Please note also that during 2020-21, the Outreach Scheme is helping booksellers to fund digital initiatives at a time when it is impossible to attend events due to Covid-19 restrictions.