FAQs for Publishers

I want to become a publisher. How can the Books Council of Wales help me?

Several of the Books Council’s Departments will be able to advise you. Your initial contact should be the Grants Department by clicking ‘Contact Us’ above. The Department will refer you to other Departments as necessary. Click on ‘Grants’ above for further details.

I'm a translator who's translated a book. Are there any publishing grants available to me?

Nid yw’r Cyngor Llyfrau yn cynnig grantiau yn uniongyrchol i gyfieithwyr. Ond, mae’n bosibl cael peth cefnogaeth i gyhoeddwyr tuag at waith cyfieithu (o’r Gymraeg i’r Saesneg, neu o unrhyw iaith i’r Gymraeg) trwy’r cynlluniau canlynol.

Cynlluniau ar gyfer Cyhoeddi yn Gymraeg

  • Grantiau Llyfrau Unigol
  • Grantiau Rhaglen
  • Taliadau i Awduron

Cynlluniau ar gyfer Cyhoeddi yn Saesneg

  • Grantiau Llyfrau Llenyddol Unigol
  • Grantiau Refeniw
  • Blaendaliadau / Comisiynau i Awduron
  • Comisiynau Llenyddol Bach
I'm a publisher looking for help in promoting a book. Can you help?

The Books Council can award marketing grants to promote Welsh books and English books from Wales, but only under particular circumstances and with specific targets on what needs to be achieved.

I run a magazine or website dealing with Wales or Welsh affairs. Is there any support you can offer?

Grants for magazines and websites are distributed every four years through a public tendering process managed by a specific panel. Applications for grants cannot be considered outside this programme of grants but it may be possible for you to apply for a small English-language magazine grant. Contact our Grants Department to find out more. 

How often does the Welsh-language Books Panel meet?

The Welsh-language Books Panel usually meets three times a year as set out below. However, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the panel has been holding monthly meetings online to discuss grant applications during 2020-21.  

Any applications received before the end of the previous month will be discussed. Applications for individual production grants will be discussed the following month when a reader report is received.

Full meetings of the Panel will be held three times a year as usual, in March, June and November.

Publishers will be notified when these procedures change.

Month Date Deadline – Individual Grants  Deadline – A Grants
March Middle of the month Mid January End of January
June Middle of the month Mid April End of April
November Middle of the month Mid September End of September


What is the deadline for receiving a bonus for publishing Welsh-language books before Christmas?

The publication date for receiving at bonus is between 11 September and 09 October, 2020.
Every Welsh-language book awarded a Christmas grant must be published by 30 October 2020.
Note: there will be a fine of £200 for each book published after 30 October 2020.

Who can apply for a grant?

In general, only publishers based in Wales are eligible to receive funding. Publishers outside Wales may be eligible for an Individual Literary Book Grant (ILBG) where the book is of significant Welsh interest, and where the publisher can demonstrate that no other funding is available to them. Wales-based publishers must have established lists or sound plans for establishing a relevant programme, and the ability to sell their output throughout Wales and beyond. Authors may not apply for grants from the Books Council of Wales. See Information for Authors.

The Books Council of Wales also administers grant schemes for booksellers. See Information for Booksellers.

How does the grant application process work?

Publishing grants are allocated twice a year by the English-Language Publishing Grants Panel. The Panel usually meets in February and July. Deadlines for applications are announced in advance. Grants are not usually awarded more than two years in advance of the planned publication date. For further information, see individual scheme guidelines.

Grants are awarded up to three times a year, in March, June and November, by the Welsh-language Publishing Grants Panel. Deadlines for applications are announced in advance. Grants are not usually awarded more than two years in advance of the planned publication date. For further information, see individual scheme guidelines.

Does the Books Council of Wales offer loans or grants in support of profitable projects?

In general, publishing grants are made towards expected deficits. The Books Council of Wales does not offer loans.

Is the Books Council of Wales the only source of funding for publishers?

The Books Council of Wales is the main source of funding for both general and literary publications in Welsh. Other funding organisations to which publishers may make application are: 

Department of Education & Skills
This is the body which is responsible for commissioning Welsh-language and bilingual educational material for the National Curriculum.

Welsh Joint Education Committee (WJEC)
This body has a publishing programme aimed at schools and colleges.

Arts Council of Wales
ACW offers grants for training, international exchange (through its agency, Wales Arts International), cross-artform activity, participatory projects, cultural diversity and some other areas, but not for production costs associated with publishing.

Grants and other support are also available for small businesses generally. See also below: How can I become a publisher?

Does the Books Council of Wales offer support to publishers other than through its grant schemes?

All publishers in Wales may make use of the Books Council of Wales’s editing, marketing, design, wholesaling and distribution services. Click here for full details.

How can I become a publisher?

The Publishers’ Association and the Independent Publishers Guild offer information (much of it free of charge) and services to those who wish to establish and develop their business or to pursue a career in the publishing trade. Cultural Enterprise offers business advice to cultural and artistic groups and companies in Wales. Information about grants, training and other forms of support for small businesses is available at www.businessconnect.org.uk.

Mae Cwlwm Cyhoeddwyr Cymru yn gymdeithas ar gyfer cyhoeddwyr Cymraeg.