Quick Reads

Quick Reads

Quick Reads offer a series of short, engaging books which appeal to readers of all tastes and reading abilities – and they’re only £1 each.

One of the main aims of the Quick Reads series is to encourage readers who are less confident in their reading abilities to pick up a book. Four titles are published annually in Wales – 2 in Welsh and 2 in English – and they cover a wide range of themes.

The initiative is coordinated in Wales by the Books Council of Wales and supported by the Welsh Government. 

These short, entertaining books are aimed at adults who find reading a struggle or who’ve lost the habit of reading. They’re also perfect for readers who are short of time!

Quick Reads 2020

The 2020 Quick Reads books were published as e-books as well as print. The books are available to buy at your local book shop or you can borrow a copy from your local public library.

Of the four titles published in 2020, two are in Welsh and two in English, with one fiction and one non-fiction book in each language.

Herio i’r Eithaf – Huw Jack Brassington (Y Lolfa). Huw Jack Brassington challenges his mind and body to the limit in incredible races all over the world, such as the 47 Peaks, the Pioneer and the Coast to Coast. His story takes us to the world of triathlon, running and cycling, and he learns some hard lessons along the way.

Pobl Fel Ni – Cynan Llwyd (Y Lolfa). The story takes place over a period of 24 hours in Cardiff sometime in the near future, against a backdrop of racist rhetoric and attitudes, right-wing politics and a fragile economic situation. Lovers Nathan and Sadia attend a concert but are separated following an explosion at the event.

Hidden Depths – Ifan Morgan Jones (Rily). Rees has been running away all his life. But when a tale from his childhood turns out to be fact rather than fiction, he is drawn deeper into a hidden world that reveals a troubled truth – not only about his present, but also his past. The choice is clear: hold on or wait and fight.

Dogs for Life – Alison Stokes (Rily). They’re often our best friends and share a special bond with us. But what if your dog was more than just a pet? This book shares the stories of animals with very important jobs to do and shows how some amazing animals are changing the lives of loved ones.

The covers of the four books published in the 2020 Quick Reads series in Wales