Publishing Development


Publishing Development

The aim of the Department is to support publishers in Wales to maintain and develop diverse publishing programmes of high quality. This is achieved mainly through the distribution of grants but also through organising training and opportunities for collaboration, wider partner engagement and commissioning research.

We administer grants to publishers on behalf of the Welsh Government. Through the publishers, this money also reaches authors, illustrators, designers, and editors.

The strategic direction of the Department is led by two panels of external experts, with one panel focusing on grants to publishers of English-language content in Wales and the other on Welsh-language publications.

The main priority of these grants is to ensure a good selection of books from Wales and about Wales is available to as wide an audience as possible. We support fiction and non-fiction books, books for adults and books for children, across all genres.

As well as supporting the publication of books, the Department also supports a range of magazines and online publications in both languages as well as editing posts within publishing houses in Wales.

By working closely with publishers, our aim is to ensure the output from Wales can compete on a global scale and reaches its potential in terms of sales and impact.

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