Welsh adaption of ‘Mixed Emotions’

Welsh adaption of ‘Mixed Emotions’

Rily Publications is about to publish an innovative Welsh-language book for children that introduces the basics of various underlying emotions, including anger, happiness, jealousy, fear and anxiety.

As recent statistics suggest that the number of young children suffering from anxiety is on the increase, it is clear that there is a real need for suitable resources and literature to try to help children understand and cope with their feelings, for the benefit of their mental health.

Rily Publications is about to publish an innovative Welsh-language book for children that introduces the basics of various underlying emotions, including anger, happiness, jealousy, fear and anxiety. It deals with events that occur in children’s lives that can trigger intense emotions, such as a marriage or relationship breakup, the start of a new school and the death of a favourite pet.

Elin Meek, responsible for adapting the book, says, ‘We very much hope that children will benefit from this simple and accessible introduction to emotions. What is also important here is the encouragement and guidance given to children to accept their feelings; there is no criticism at all, and no emotion that is ‘not right’ or ‘inappropriate’ to feel. The anger section explains how anger can be healthy if properly channelled; it can be a catalyst for standing up for principles and acting for justice.’

‘We felt there was a great need for this kind of book,’ says Lynda Tunnicliffe, Chief Executive of Rily Publications. ‘Most of the staff at Rily are parents, and they were all excited and eager that we publish this Welsh adaptation of My Mixed Emotions, to provide an important resource for a generation that really needs it. About a month ago we announced on our social media sites that this book was in progress, and the response has been extremely encouraging.’

The book contains practical advice and tips, for example how to overcome anger, breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, and practicing gratitude. The content of the book can be the foundation for discussion with an adult, carer or teacher at school, or a child can read alone, and process the content independently.

Welsh adaption of ‘Mixed Emotions’

Eloise Williams named first Children’s Laureate Wales

Literature Wales has announced that popular Pembrokeshire-based children’s author  Eloise Williams  is the first  Children’s Laureate Wales.  This new national ambassadorial post aims to engage and inspire the children of Wales through literature, and to promote a child’s right to have their stories and voices heard.

The announcement was made on Wednesday 18 September in front of 150 pupils at Jubilee Park Primary School in Newport. Eloise is currently the school’s Patron of Reading and following the announcement she officially opened their new school library. In an open letter addressed to the children of Wales, Eloise emphasised how excited and honoured she was to be their Laureate; how she will do her very best to help them find the right stories for them; will push for them to see themselves well represented in literature; and most importantly, that their voices matter. You can read her letter in full on the Literature Wales website.

Eloise Williams worked as a touring actor and creative practitioner for over a decade before becoming a children’s writer. Her novel, Gaslight  (Firefly Press, 2017) – which was written with the support of a Literature Wales New Writer’s Bursary – won the Wales Arts Review Young People’s Book of the Year 2017, the YBB Book Awards 2018, and was shortlisted for the Tir na nOg Awards 2018. Her latest novel for young people, Seaglass  (Firefly Press, 2018), was also shortlisted for the Tir na nOg Awards in 2019, and the North East Book Awards 2019.

A regular speaker at festivals and events, she uses her drama skills to engage young people in children’s literature and now finds herself onstage more than she ever did as a professional actor.

Eloise said: “I’ve always loved stories. The joy of losing yourself in a good story is simply magical. Stories connect us, give us empathy and understanding, exercise our brains and imaginations, let us travel the world and experience the greatest wonders.

“Children’s literature is thriving and there couldn’t be a more exciting time to be involved in its growth in Wales. I feel passionately that there is a connection between children’s books and the hope I feel every time I walk into a classroom. I truly believe that young readers will make our futures bright and I’m honoured to be a part of that.”

Announced in May 2019 as part of Literature Wales’ new Strategic Plan (2019-22), the Children’s Laureate Wales will work alongside the Welsh-language equivalent, Bardd Plant Cymru, primarily working with children between the ages of 5-13. Eloise was appointed following a public call-out for writers to express their interest in the role.

Lleucu Siencyn, Chief Executive of Literature Wales, said about the announcement: “We’re delighted not only to launch this brand-new initiative, but to announce such a passionate, popular and engaging person to the role of Children’s Laureate Wales. Our vision is a Wales where literature empowers, improves and brightens lives. This role will increase the accessibility and impact of creative writing for our children and young people and make a significant contribution to their well-being.”

“Eloise will be a terrific advocate for creative reading and writing for pleasure, and for representation within children’s literature, and I look forward immensely to following her journey over the next two years.”

The Children’s Laureate Wales will visit a number of schools, clubs, festivals and events across Wales during their two-year tenure, as well as devising and delivering bespoke activity with Literature Wales’ target client groups.

To arrange a Children’s Laureate Wales school visit, or to discuss other activity, email Literature Wales on: childrenslaureate@literaturewales.org.

Welsh adaption of ‘Mixed Emotions’


Rygbi;  the book that contains everything you need to know about the world of rugby, from how to play, iconic players, the World Cup, legendary teams as well as all the facts and figures to make us all excited about this wonderful and all-consuming game!

Rygbi;  the book that contains everything you need to know about the world of rugby, from how to play, iconic players, the World Cup, legendary teams as well as all the facts and figures to make us all excited about this wonderful and all-consuming game!

This stunning new hardback book, published by the award winning Rily Publications, is launched in time for the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan, and includes a wealth of facts, statistics and information, illustrations and photographs relating to all aspects of the game both past and present. There are even sections explaining exactly how to play the game, player positions, moves and the scoring system, making this a comprehensive and accessible handbook suitable for all ages.

The 64-page book, originally published by Dorling Kindersley, has been adapted into Welsh by Sioned Lleinau, a keen rugby supporter herself, and includes particular reference to Welsh players and games, as well as referring to the international scene and iconic teams such as the New Zealand All Blacks and Silver Ferns, not to mention world-famous players such as Jonathan Davies, Jonah Lomu, Francois Peinaar to name but a few.

“You don’t need to be a rugby fan to be able to enjoy this wonderful presentation of the rugby world in all its glory,” explains Sioned Lleinau. “With such a wide variety of facts and information relating to the game, from it’s origins and invention in 1823 up to the present day and the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan, you cannot fail to be drawn into the exciting and colourful world of rugby.”

A powerhouse of rugby facts, with all you need to know about how to play, plus rugby legends past and present.

A perfect buy for the Rugby World Cup! This thrilling introduction to rugby helps kids get to grips with the rules of rugby, learn rugby skills, and gen up on rugby world records. The book looks at the history of the game, and touches on the main types or rugby, including Rugby Union, Rugby League, Rugby Sevens and Tag Rugby.

Welsh adaption of ‘Mixed Emotions’

Developments at Gomer Press, BCW Response

The Books Council of Wales is aware of Gomer Press’s decision to stop commissioning new titles.

Gomer has made a considerable contribution to Welsh publishing. It is home to some of our most distinguished authors and our most noteworthy titles. Whilst we are very disappointed with this development, we’re pleased that Gomer will continue to take care of the thousands of titles and important authors which comprise their backlist and ensure that popular titles remain in print. We will continue to work with Gomer Press over the coming months to ensure that the books which received a grant are published or reassigned. Meanwhile the Distribution Centre will continue to act as Gomer Press’s distributor and fulfil any orders as usual.

The publishing sector in Wales is constantly evolving and we have every faith in the talent and drive publishers offer; the exciting new developments in the magazine sector, books for learners (Amdani), children and young people and self-help books (Reading Well) are all testament to that.

We will be looking at the opportunities this development offers to other publishers, new and old, and we will continue to work with all stakeholders to ensure that the publishing offered in Wales goes on to be as vibrant as it has been over the last few years.

Welsh adaption of ‘Mixed Emotions’

Books Council on the hunt for the new ‘Gruffalo’

The Books Council of Wales are launching a new competition with the Urdd for the 2020 Eisteddfod.

This is a golden opportunity for illustrators aged between 18 and 25 to compete for the chance to see their work in print, along side a brand new original story by author Manon Steffan Ros.

Helen Jones, Head of Children’s Books explained ‘The task is to create a ‘dummy’ book that will including rough sketches for a children’s picture book as well as finished artwork for at least four double-page spreads. Manon’s words will form one part of the story with the illustrations adding another dimension to the narrative.’

She added ‘ We will naturally be looking for a visually creative talent that will appeal to a young audience as well as to the adult who will be sharing the story. We will also be assessing the artistic skill of the applicants to use text with imagery, their interpretation of narrative, storytelling and characterisation.’

Arwel ‘Rocet’ Jones, Head of the Grants Department at the Books Council of Wales said ‘Many of our most iconic children’s books in Welsh are picture books, from the Sali Mali series to Rala Rwdins, and developing illustrators who can tell original stories for younger readers is as important as developing authors. I truly hope that this competition will help to nurture new talent in this field.’

Text for the story will be supplied by contacting the Urdd or the Books Council. Details of the competition can be found on page 57 of the Competition Schedule on the Urdd’s website. Closing date for entries is March 1 2020.

For further information, contact Helen Jones, Head of the Children’s Books and Reading Promotion Department, Books Council of Wales, Castell Brychan, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 2JB 01970 624151 helen.jones@books.wales  (Photo – Keith Morris)