Make it YOUR World Book Day in 2023

Make it YOUR World Book Day in 2023

Make it YOUR World Book Day in 2023

Working in partnership to help more children than ever discover a love of books and reading

The charity World Book Day® is holding its annual celebration on Thursday, 2 March 2023, a day dedicated to ensuring all children can develop a love of reading.

World Book Day will give families and children a huge number of opportunities to mark the day in fun and affordable ways that are meaningful to them – in 2023, it’s YOUR World Book Day!

With reading for pleasure being the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success – more than their family circumstances, their parents’ educational background or their income – it has never been more important to ensure all children can develop a love of reading. World Book Day exists to encourage more children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to benefit from a lifelong habit of reading for pleasure.

Supported by long-term sponsor National Book Tokens and working alongside publishers and booksellers, World Book Day distributes over 15 million £1/€1.50 book tokens across the UK and Ireland every year through schools, nurseries, libraries, prisons and other charities. There is no cost involved at all in claiming a £1 World Book Day book.

Cassie Chadderton, CEO of World Book Day commented: Our charity’s mission is to change lives through a love of books and reading. In 2023, as the cost of living crisis puts increasing pressure on families across the UK and Ireland, we are doing everything we can to ensure every child has access to a book at home. With reading for pleasure in decline and at its lowest levels since 2005, this is more important than ever.

“Last year over two million books were given to children by booksellers and publishers, and this year we can’t wait to celebrate with families, communities and schools and see how children make World Book Day their very own this year.”

Helgard Krause, Chief Executive of the Books Council of Wales, said: “Celebrating reading for pleasure and making books accessible to all is at the heart of our work at the Books Council of Wales. I’m so pleased that we’ll be working with our friends at World Book Day and the National Literacy Trust to make books available through their networks this year and I hope that children, young people and their families will find books to entertain and inspire them.”

Jonathan Douglas, CEO at the National Literacy Trust, said: “At the National Literacy Trust, we are committed to making sure every child has access to books, so they can discover the joys of reading. Our research found that having books at home is linked to higher reading frequency and reading enjoyment among children, and yet 1 in 10 children aged 8–18 from disadvantaged backgrounds said that they don’t own a single book of their own at home. We are proud to be working with our friends at World Book Day and the Books Council of Wales to help address this situation and get free books into the hands of children who need them the most.”

The Books Council of Wales will be working in partnership with World Book Day and the National Literacy Trust to distribute over ten thousand free books, in both Welsh and English, to food banks and community projects across Wales. The selection will include £1 World Book Day titles as well as other books for children and young adults to enjoy. Books will be delivered to food banks throughout 2023.

World Book Day activity packs
There is a wide range of educational materials, downloadable activity packs and online assets and tools available for teachers, parents, carers and beyond, to bring reading for pleasure to life for children in exciting and relevant ways

In Wales the Books Council of Wales supports World Book Day, providing bilingual resources for schools, public libraries, bookshops, nursery settings and other organisations; they also commission a new Welsh-language £1 book each year.

Welsh-language or bilingual resources are available at

Bookshops and Retailers
Booksellers across Wales will be taking part in World Book Day 2023, welcoming children, families, schools and local communities to choose a book and discover more about the exciting world of reading. A selection of Welsh-language titles is available to buy with the £1 token. This year’s new Welsh-language title is Gwisg Ffansi Cyw, by Anni Llŷn, which joins Lledrith yn y Llyfrgell, by the same author; Ha Ha Cnec! by author, illustrator and cartoonist Huw Aaron, and Stori Cymru – Iaith a Gwaith by Myrddin ap Dafydd.

The £1 World Book Day tokens can be redeemed for any £1 World Book Day book from Thursday, 16 February to Sunday, 26 March 2023 in bookshops, bookshop chains and participating retailers. Alternatively, they can also be used as a £1 contribution to any other book. The single-use digital token can also be downloaded from the World Book Day website.

Be sure to keep an eye on your local bookshop’s website and social media channels to stay up to date with what’s happening in your area. You can find your local independent bookshop on the Books Council of Wales’ website at Bookshops of Wales | Cyngor Llyfrau Cymru

Visit for more information and come and join the celebration!



Make it YOUR World Book Day in 2023

Celebrating five years of learning Welsh with Amdani

The National Centre for Learning Welsh and the Books Council of Wales are marking a milestone this year as they celebrate five years of the popular Amdani series of Welsh books for learners. During 2023 every title in the series will be made available as an audiobook for the first time.

There are 40 books in the series, from a variety of Welsh publishers, commissioned through Books Council of Wales grant funding.

The books are graded at four levels for learners – Entry, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced, and the aim is to provide learners with opportunities to enjoy reading about a range of subjects. The series is the result of a successful partnership between the National Centre for Learning Welsh and the Books Council of Wales.

The series is celebrated through the Amdani Festival, which will be held virtually this year between 27 February and 3 March, providing learners with opportunities to enjoy activities and events that are linked to reading in Welsh.

Amdani titles include:


Entry Level: Wynne Evans – O Gaerfyrddin i Go Compare by Elin Meek (Atebol)
A biography of the singer and presenter Wynne Evans. A very personal and honest history of Wynne and his family, his experiences as a famous tenor, and his journey to learn Welsh as an adult.

Foundation Level: Yn ei Gwsg
by Bethan Gwanas (Atebol)
A lively novel about a mystery hit-and-run car crash. Dafydd, who walks in his sleep, wakes up covered in blood … but who’s to blame?

Intermediate Level: 20 o Arwyr Cymru by J. Richard Williams (Gwasg Carreg Gwalch)
A book celebrating 20 Welsh heroes and their notable contribution. Discover the stories of Betsi Cadwaladr, Ray Gravell, Kate Roberts and others.

Advanced Level: Cawl a Straeon Eraill (Y Lolfa)
A series of short stories by well-known authors, including Sarah Reynolds, Mihangel Morgan and Lleucu Roberts.

Arwel Jones, Head of Publishing Development at the Books Council
, said: “Five years ago there were no books for learners that were designed to match the national learning standards. In collaboration with the National Centre, the Books Council decided to commission a range of 20 books for that purpose, and the Amdani series was launched. By now, publishers in Wales are regularly producing books for the series, and there are 40 titles available. Thanks to the New Audiences Grant funding from Creative Wales, we have been able to support the production of an audiobook for every title in the series, so that you can soon enjoy these stories through your headphones as well as on paper.”

Helen Prosser, Director of Teaching and Learning at the National Centre for Learning Welsh, said: “Creating opportunities for our learners to enjoy using their Welsh outside the classroom is a crucial part of our work at the Centre, and the Amdani series is extremely popular.

“The wide selection of entertaining books means that there will be a book for you to enjoy, whether you are just starting to learn, or are a confident speaker.

“The audiobooks will enable our learners to gain confidence by hearing the language, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with the Books Council to introduce even more titles to the series.”

Titles in the Amdani series are available from bookshops or to borrow from your local library. Digital formats, such as e-books and audiobooks, are available to buy from with new audiobook titles to be added throughout the year. Shoppers are able to choose a bookshop to benefit from their purchase from Ffolio.


Make it YOUR World Book Day in 2023

Publishing success for families’ storybook

Stories of Wales and Africa: Publishing success for families’ storybook

Families and children from the North Wales Africa Society will see their own story in print this year as Y Lolfa prepares to publish The Fish Princess – a story created by the families through workshops with author Casia Wiliam and illustrator Jac Jones.

The project was coordinated by the BLAS programme at Bangor’s Pontio Arts Centre, which has a long-standing relationship with the North Wales Africa Society. It was one of a number of activities which received funding from the Books Council of Wales’ New Audiences Grant in spring 2022.

The Fish Princess was created during a series of workshops with Welsh and African artists, exploring traditional African and Welsh ideas and stories, and different storytelling formats. Children’s author Casia Wiliam then worked with the families to create a brand-new story, taking inspiration from the workshops and weaving African and Welsh traditions and ideas into the narrative. Once the story was complete, illustrator Jac Jones worked with the children and families to explore the characters and how they would look in the finished story.

Welsh publishing house Y Lolfa, with the support of a publishing grant from the Books Council of Wales, will publish the book in both Welsh and English, and it will be available to buy in the spring.

Dr Salamatu J Fada, Director of the North Wales Africa Society, said: “This is one project that brought both the Welsh culture, and some parts of the African cultures of Ghana and Nigeria specifically, together. The families all enjoyed developing the ideas with the guidance of the diverse facilitators who were involved in the project. We are immensely pleased with the process and can’t wait to see the published book. Diolch yn fawr.”

The project also created opportunities for Trainee Tutors to take part and develop their own facilitation skills for community and collaborative projects in the future. Olaitan Olawande and Marie-Pascale were Trainee Tutors as part of the scheme, working with the families to develop their story.

Olaitan said: “It was an amazing experience to see how families worked together to create a story. The input from different generations meant there were some new ideas and concepts that could be created. I think working with families and this process of storytelling allows for open conversations between families; it can provide a space for children and parents to share novel and pre-existing stories whilst also applying them to some real-life challenges. Imagination is limitless and the importance of family can be shown in the story-making process. The published book is one that will go down in history; as the saying goes, ‘it takes a village’ to make something truly amazing.”

Marie-Pascale said: “I’m happy to have been a part of this MARRIAGE OF CULTURES that led to so many smiles and to the cognitive involvement of our children: being tomorrow’s ADULTS that will understand the unifying BEAUTY OF DIVERSITY and uphold it.”

Author Casia Wiliam said: “Together, these families have created a brand-new tale that is full of old magic and fantasy. It weaves together Wales and Ghana, intertwining Welsh and African traditional ideas and narratives. It’s a special story, and I must admit that this has been one of the most fun and exciting projects I have been part of as an author. I can’t wait to hear how the families respond to the book when it is published in Welsh and English in the spring.”

Arwel Jones, Head of Publishing Development at the Books Council of Wales, said: “It’s been wonderful to see this project develop as one of the recipients of the New Audiences Grant. It started as a group of families and children exploring ideas and their imaginations to celebrate and bring together Welsh and African cultures through stories. By the spring there will be a finished book that will be published by Y Lolfa and available in bookshops for families across Wales to enjoy.”

The Books Council of Wales’ New Audiences Grant has awarded funding to 43 different projects to create new opportunities and develop new audiences within the publishing sector in Wales, thanks to support from Creative Wales.

The purpose of the grant is to strengthen and diversify the parts of the publishing industry the Books Council currently supports, and the grants specifically prioritise new publishing ventures, authors and audiences.