Books from Wales will be celebrated on the digital stage on World Book Day this year, Thursday 4 March 2021.

In a partnership between the Books Council of Wales and multimedia culture platform AM, a 12-hour celebration of reading will be held on from 9am on World Book Day.

Throughout the day the platform will showcase author readings, book reviews, reading recommendations and more, with publishers, booksellers and other organisations across Wales contributing new Welsh and English-language content to their AM channels including:

  • Amdani – Learn Welsh Reading Festival (National Centre for Learning Welsh)             
  • Podcast and videos with children’s authors (Books Council of Wales)
  • Monster Max and Walker videos (Firefly)
  • Video of Cambrian Pictures by Ann Julia Hatton (Honno)
  • Reading from Welsh-language World Book Day title Na! Nel by Meleri Wyn James (Y Lolfa)
  • Hywel Price’s review of Iaith y Brifddinas by Owen John Thomas (O’r Pedwar Gwynt)
  • A series of readings from the bookshop (Palas Print)
  • Reading from The Amazingly Astonishing Story gan Lucy Gannon (Seren Books)
  • Reviews of books for children and young people (Sôn am Lyfra)
  • Short film of Welsh-language poetry by Morwen Brosschot from her ‘Gwrando’ pamphlet (Y Stamp)

Helgard Krause, Chief Executive of the Books Council of Wales, said: “World Book Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate the year-round benefits of reading for pleasure. In what has been a challenging year for us all, we are delighted to be working with AM and the books sector to celebrate the quality and range of content being produced by publishers in Wales. We also extend our thanks to Welsh Government for their support.”

Alun Llwyd, Chief Executive of AM, said: “It’s a privilege to work with the Books Council of Wales to celebrate and promote the wealth of Welsh literature during such a difficult time for authors, shops and publishers. Whatever the circumstances, books continue to be key to the wellbeing of society as a whole and World Book Day is a special opportunity for us to enjoy, share and support all those involved in writing and publishing in Wales.”

Designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, World Book Day is celebrated in over 100 countries around the globe. The aim is to promote reading for pleasure, offering every child and young person the opportunity to have their own book.

As part of the annual event, children in Wales receive a £1 National Book Token to either exchange for one of the £1 World Book Day books or use towards buying another book. The Books Council of Wales works with World Book Day to ensure that a range of titles are available every year in the Welsh language, with support from the Welsh Government and Waterstones.

Young readers in Wales have a choice of four £1 Welsh-language books for World Book Day 2021 namely Ha Ha Cnec! Jôcs Twp a Lluniau Twpach by Huw Aaron (Broga); Stori Cymru Iaith a Gwaith (Gwasg Carreg Gwalch) by Myrddin ap Dafydd, Na, Nel! (Y Lolfa) by Meleri Wyn James and Darllen gyda Cyw (Y Lolfa) by Anni Llŷn.

The Books Council is also organising other activities for World Book Day 2021 including the release of the first in a series of short films with children’s authors from Wales. Find out more by clicking on the links below: