Celebrating World Book Day in Wales 2024

The charity World Book Day® is holding its annual celebration on Thursday 7 March. Children throughout the country will be encouraged to enjoy reading, receiving £1 book tokens to exchange for one of the many specially published £1 books for FREE, or to put towards another book of their choice.

This year’s Welsh-language book, supported by the Books Council of Wales and published by Rily Publications, is Ffeithiau Ffiaidd: Y Corff.  Written and illustrated by Kev Payne, this fantastically gruesome activity book is packed with facts, puzzles and games, taking readers on a stomach-churning journey exploring the gross and ghastly human body.

The book has been adapted into Welsh by award-winning author and poet Mari George and is proving so popular with readers that it has already been reprinted. You can pick up your copy from your local bookshop.

Mari said: “I’m so pleased that my adaptation Ffeithiau Ffiaidd: Y Corff has been chosen as the Welsh-language book for Wales Book Day 2024. Hopefully it will inspire children to go to read other books which is something I am passionate about.”

Helgard Krause, Chief Executive of the Books Council of Wales said: We’re delighted to be working in partnership with World Book Day, to make books available to children and to inspire a love of reading. Mari George’s wonderful adaptation of Ffeithiau Ffiaidd: Y Corff is sure to delight and revolt young readers in equal measure! Thank you too, to Rily Publications for their hard work in ensuring another high-quality title is available for young readers to enjoy in Welsh as part of the £1 book scheme.”

There are three other Welsh-language books available for £1 this year: Lledrith yn y Llyfrgell (Y Lolfa) by Anni Llŷn, Ha Ha Cnec! (Broga) by author, illustrator and cartoonist Huw Aaron, and Gwisg Ffansi Cyw (Y Lolfa) by Anni Llŷn. All of these books, and Ffeithiau Ffiaidd: Y Corff are available from local bookshops.

As schools distribute the £1 tokens and prepare their World Book Day activities, the Books Council of Wales has a whole range of resources and inspiration to help schools and readers to celebrate books and reading – not just on World Book Day, but all through the year. The 80 different activities include games, competitions, writing, crafts and performances; to bring books to life and inspire young readers. You can find all of these resources on the Books Council website, books.wales.

At the core of the World Book Day’s work to change lives through reading is the opportunity for all children to have a book of their own. As reading for pleasure continues to be the single biggest indicator of a childs future success – more than family circumstances, parents’ educational background and their income[1], World Book Day aims to reach communities, families, and children in areas of high deprivation and low literacy. To further boost its reach and impact the charitys newly published strategy for 2023–2027[2] sets out how it will encourage more children, from all backgrounds, to develop a life-long habit of reading for pleasure, and benefit from the improved life chances this brings them. 

Cassie Chadderton, CEO, World Book Day said: “Our aim for World Book Day 2024 is to bring the fun of reading to more children, to celebrate their choices and encourage everyone to Read Their Way!  Fewer children and their families are enjoying reading, just when the life-changing benefits are needed most.

We are delighted that children can choose Ffeithiau Ffiaidd: Y Corff, or decide on another read from this year’s exciting list of £1/€1.50 books 2024. We are confident that these fun and inspirational books will spark children’s interest in discovering more books to read for pleasure!”

You can find out more about World Book Day £1 books on the World Book Day website worldbookday.com and about how the Books Council supports World Book Day in Wales at World Book Day | Cyngor Llyfrau Cymru.


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