Jasmine Donahaye

In pursuit of moments of feeling ‘sharply alive’, confronting fear of the body’s betrayals, and roaming across Wales, Scotland, California and the Middle East, Birdsplaining is focused unapologetically on the uniqueness of women’s experience of nature and constraints placed upon it. Sometimes bristling, always ethical, it upends familiar ways of seeing the natural world.


“Vivid, quick and iridescent, Birdsplaining is an absolute kingfisher of a book.” Mike Parker

“In fracturing, polarised times we need writing like this, that has the breadth and honesty to grasp it whole.” Philip Gross

“Donahaye… invents a new, feminist springboard for observing the way birds live their lives and the way we perceive them. Sharp, fiercely intelligent, courageous.” Pamela Petro

“Donahaye dilates poetic moments while also examining what we have internalised about privilege and power in the field of birdwatching. I loved it.” Kathryn Aalto